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Doing business in Spain 2016

The main forms of business entity in Spain are companies, civil-law entities, associations, joint ventures and branches of foreign entities. Historically, the most-used corporate form has been the joint-stock company (sociedade anónima – SA); however, in recent years the formation of limited-liability companies (sociedades de responsabilidad limitada – SRL or SL) has also become commonplace.

There is also a new form of corporate entity – the new-enterprise limited-liability company (sociedad limitada nueva empresa – SLNE) intended especially for SMEs. The formal act of incorporation takes place in the presence of a notary public, who executes the related public deed of incorporation (including the articles of incorporation). The minimum share capital
is EUR 60 000 for an SA and EUR 3000 for an SL. An SLNE has a minimum share capital of EUR 3000 and a maximum share capital of EUR 120 000.
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